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Our services

Marcos Badra Photography and Design is a full service photography and graphic design business with international experience, located in Metro Vancouver, BC.


Family photography is what we love and what we do.

Your family is art. We capture the essence of who you are. Your relationships. Your love. Your Values. Your intangibles as they are seen in the act of living, thus producing naturally creative, unique and one-of-a-kind art in the form of a photograph.


Corporate, small business and non-profit organizations is another important market we serve, capturing the best image to present to your audience.


We have all the equipment, knowledge, education, editing programs to incorporate our creativity into all of our work, making each photography session unique.

We offer creative, high quality products at competitive rates.

Our style incorporates a combination of black and white and colour photography. Capturing the most important moments of a person’s life is what Marcos Badra Photography and Design does best. We specialize in family photography.


Serving the corporate, small business and non-profit clientele is also our area of expertise: capturing and creating the most important image your organization wants to put forward.

We are one of the very few businesses that offer integrated services of photography and graphic design in Metro Vancouver.


Our international experience enables us to offer a broad range of creative solutions for individual families, businesses, event managers, and professionals. We deliver a professional service and one-of-a-kind creative product that exceeds the goals and expectations of our customers. 

Our vision is developing strong relationships with customers and stakeholders, meeting their concerns and requirements.  

Our vision

To develop strong relationships with our customers and stakeholders. To not only understand their desires, but exceed their requirements to deliver creative, one-of-a-kind, exceptional photography.

Marcos Alejandro Badra has lived, worked and travelled extensively in Latin America, North America, Europe and North Africa. This international, diverse cultural experience and knowledge is the basis for his distinctive and original creative style.

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