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I was born in the city of Cordoba, Argentina on January 11, 1976. I have a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Management, graduated in Blas Pascal University in 2005.


I was awarded the honorific title of Master Degree in Business Leadership by The World Confederation of Business located in Huston Texas because of the results I achieved in the Educational Sciences Inter-American Foundation (FICDE). I am a Master Degree student in International Cooperation Project at FUNIBER University and I will complete the course in 2017.


I have worked with design graphic for more than 20 years.  My first contact with the graphic design world was in my family’s company when I developed a brochure for one of our businesses. I had participated in some workshops called “How to Develop Brochures” previously, in 1990 and had studied Corel and Photoshop in 1992 with a private teacher as well.


About Marcos

Afterwards, in 1995, I started my own graphic design company. My first customers were my family’s companies and other organizations in my city, such as churches, the Educational Sciences Inter-American Foundation, San Alberto Primary and Secondary School among others.


In 1998, I did my first international work in Caracas Venezuela to Didaktos, an educational organization that teaches courses at universities throughout Latin America.


In 2001, I spend several months in Mexico and there I worked in different projects creating the corporative image and advertising for various events at the National University in Mexico City (UNAM) and at the National University of Guadalajara. The projects I developed in Mexico included printed materials like flyers, brochures, business cards and posters, and other graphic designs like banners and web pages.


In 2003, I developed my first edition design format for the book “Super Lectura” published by Caledib Editions, in Argentina.


In 2007 I moved to Brazil; however, I continued performing services for my costumers in Argentina until 2008.  In that year, I began developing design projects for organizations in Campinas, Brazil, such as Churches, NGOs and companies like BASF and International Paper.


Three years later, I started a new business plan as a freelancer to develop several projects including graphic design and photography.


I started my formal studies in photography in January 2011 at Camerra55 Institute in Campinas, Brazil. In a short time, my own photography business grew up fast, and I called to supply different photography services such for different companies.


In 2012, I performed my first photography project for one organization in Campinas recording their regular services and extraordinary meetings, events, and other activities. 


At that time, I also developed services related to corporative image and advertising for web sites, brochures and formal presentations for companies such as Descarte Certo, BASF, ABICOM, CGAGeo, Visafertil, Construrban and Marcelo Melarato Consultoria, among others in Brazil.


In 2013 I began my first personal photography project named “Colourful Cities,” and two months after two pictures of that project were selected to be shown in an exhibition in Castro Mendes Theatre. My pictures were published in local magazines and websites, increasing the visibility of my work in the region.


During 2013 and 2014, I took different pictures in Europe as part of my project Cities in Movement and my chapter “London in Movement” was selected to participate in the exhibition named Amarelinha, inspired by a book written by Julio Cortazar, which took place in Camera55 Gallery in Campinas, Brazil. That exhibition improved and increased the number of people demanding my services because my pictures were published in several magazines and social networking sites.


In 2014, the president of the Humus Group chose me to record his participation in the "Porsche GT3 Cup Brazil" in Cascais - Portugal. In the same year, my wife Mirian, psychologist, started the course of photography in Camera55 Institute and one year later, she improved her knowledge attending a workshop on newborn and baby photography with the idea of working together.


In 2016 I have started my first projects and services in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

From the Clients

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